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The legal interpreter/translator works primarily within the California Court system as a court interpreter or as a full-time or freelance interpreter/translator whose services are utilized by legal and government agencies such as the Social Security Administration, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Agriculture Labor Relations Board, and private legal offices as well as clinics and hospitals.

Emphasis on English/Spanish legal terminology, interpretation of oral communications between attorney and client as well as written translation of legal pleading, forms, simple reports, and certificates. The program also emphasizes terminology required by interpreters in the medical, immigration, and business areas.

Certificate of Achievement: Legal Interpretation and Translation (English/Spanish)

Designed for students desiring careers as interpreters and translators
in the legal field. Coursework offers skills required for employment in government and the courts, as well as in private legal offices.

BUS 181 Spanish Computer Skills for Interpretation and Translation 3
BUS 210 Business English 3 units
BUS 211 Communication in Business and Industry 3 units
BUS 212 Business Communication 3 units
BUS 225 Interpretation and Translation: General Business 3 units
BUS 233 Interpretation and Translation: Immigration 3 units
LEGL 257 Business and Legal Communications: Spanish 3 units
BUS 226 Interpretation and Translation: Legal 3 units
BUS 227 Interpretation and Translation: Medical 3 units
BUS 228 Legal Terminology 2 units
BUS 229 Legal Terminology—Bilingual (Engl/Span) 1 units
BUS 234 Advanced Interpretation and Translation: Legal 3 units
SPAN 221 Introduction to Literature for Bilinguals 5 units
SPAN 230 Intermediate Spanish II 5 units
Total units 26

* Students who have completed high school or a higher level degree in a Spanish-speaking country may waive the Spanish language requirement by submitting a transcript of studies from their foreign institution.

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