Southwestern College

Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Career Technical
(Major Code: 01156)

Designed for both prospective and current owners or managers of a small business. Emphasizes opportunities available in San Diego County for entrepreneurs and provides training in all aspects of the development of a successful small business enterprise.

ACCT 12 Computerized Accounting 3
BUS 121 Financial Planning and Money Management 3
BUS 150 Principles of Management  
  OR 3
BUS 177 Principles of International Business  
BUS 152 Human Relations in Organizations (3)  
  OR 2-3
BUS 136 Diverse Workforce Mangement and Communication (2)  
BUS 183 Business Mathematics 3
CIS 133 Advanced Microcomputer Spreadsheet Software  
  OR 1
CIS 134 Microcomputer Database Software- Access  
LDE 148 Business Presentation Skills- Bilingual (English/Spanish)  
  OR 2
LDR 149 Business Presentation Skills  
LDR 151 Human Resources and Labor Relations 3
Plus the required courses for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business- Intermediate certificate 30-35
Total units 50-56
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