Southwestern College

Earthquake Safety Tips
  • Stay calm
  • Seek refuge under a table or desk
  • Stay clear of windows and doorways (Doorways are not safe!)
  • If outside, stay outside. Move to and open area away from buildings, trees and power lines
  • Have emergency supply pack on hand (food, water, prescription medicine)
  • Select a predetermined evacuation zone
  • Exit building to predetermined evacuation zone as soon as shaking stops
  • Have an emergency contact predetermined
  • Be prepared for multiple aftershocks
  • Place heavy books on ground level shelves
  • DO NOT use elevator 


                                                                                                                                                                                    A Magnitude 5.2 earthquake shook Southern California, June 10, 2016.



san andreas fault


Note: In the event of a major emergency, the President will activate the Emergency Preparedness Plan. Information will be posted at the Command Center, Building 100, depending on the damage and nature of the emergency.

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