• Online courses are an alternative to traditional, face-to-face courses. They are exceptionally accessible and flexible resources.
    Come to class whenever it's convenient for you by choosing when and where you participate in class. Your course is conducted according to a schedule, but there are no "live" classes to attend. Instead, lectures, coursework, and discussions all take place at your convenience.
  • You choose the place - at home or at school - wherever you have access to a computer, modem, and an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You'll get the same high-quality instruction and course content but without the day-to-day obstacles that prevent so many of us from pursuing other goals. With online learning, commuting to campus and paying for childcare are things of the past.
  • General Information
    Southwestern College offers a number of online or internet-delivered classes in addition to regular classes that are held on campus. Some of these classes may be totally online, some might require an initial class meeting and/or on-campus exams and some may involve a number of, but less-frequent, campus meetings.
  • Types of classes
    In general, there are three types of Internet-based classes, these include Entirely Online, Hybrid, and Web-enhanced.
  • Entirely Online
    Here students never come to a physical location to attend class. All interaction takes place in cyberspace. You will communicate with your instructor and your classmates via email, threaded discussion, and even virtual chat.
    The learning platform in use here in Southwestern College is Blackboard.
  • Hybrid Classes
    These classes usually meet 50% of the time in a physical location for live, face-to-face instruction or labs. They combine the best of both worlds. They are usually classes that use the internet to support regular classroom meetings.
  • Web-enhanced
    These are classes that meet in the traditional manner; however, the instructor also places the course materials in Blackboard so students can have ready and easy access to them.
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