Choosing a CareerOnce you have identified the Career that Interests you, it is time to plan your educational path.

General Education (GE) classes are those general courses required of everyone in order to earn a degree and/or transfer:  (GE + Major = Min. of 60 units)

To view your General Education requirements click on the appropriate  PDF below:

 Plan A - Associates Degree 
 Associates Degree Requirement (PDF)

 Plan B - Transfering to CSU schools only 
 CSU Breadth Requirement (PDF)

 IGETC - Transferring to UC, CSU, Private and/or Out of State Universities

Careers for your Future- Not every career requires a degree. This link provides you with information regarding high demand technical careers which often only require a certificate or specialized training. 

Are you ready to declare a major? To begin the counseling process, please complete the Student Services Needs Assesment INTAKE FORM print it and bring it to the Counseling Center.

For more questions please contact us at 619-421-6700 ext: 5240 or schedule an appointment with a counselor and to help plan out your classes today!

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