Board Priority Tasks and Actions

Southwestern Community College District Board of Trustees

The following Board Priorities and Tasks provide direction for the Board and CEO for the coming year, inform Board meeting agenda and workshop planning, and support the Districts Strategic Priorities. Progress on the Board Priorities and Tasks will be assessed at the 2015 Board Self-Evaluation. Related 2012–2015 District Strategic Directions are listed in parenthesis for each goal area. When the 2016–2019 Strategic Directions are adopted, these may be realigned with those

Policy Direction
(Strategic Priority: Organizational Effectiveness)

1. Operating as a Board unit, set clear, consistent expectations and policy and support the Superintendent/President in implementing the policy direction.
    a. Engage in ongoing self-monitoring
    b. Update and implement the CEO evaluation process
    c. Review and update policies in Chapter 2 as needed; expect that the College’s policy review process effectively identifies and recommends policy updates in other areas

2. Provide leadership for the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan.
    a. Strategic Plan adopted at January 12, 2016 Board meeting
    b. Discuss Board priorities within the plan

3. Perform Board roles related to Accreditation
    a. Self Study Report approved at July 8, 2015 board meeting
    b. Discuss ACCJC recommendations when received

Student Success
(Strategic Priorities: Teaching & Learning, Student Access, Student Success, and Workforce Development)

4. Continue to focus on expectations for and monitor student success. Specific priorities include basic skills programs, CTE, and communities that may be underserved in the community.
    a. Review the plans resulting from the GISS session on a quarterly basis
    b. Review reports on strategies and practices that improve and accelerate students’ progress through basic skills
    c. Discuss a report regarding participation rates in various areas of the communities served by the district
    d. Review a report on organizational systems and structures related to responsibility and accountability for educational quality and student success

5. Continue to monitor workforce and career/technical programs to assure programs are aligned with current and future student and community needs, including technology competitiveness.
    a. Discuss reports/recommendations related to the results of program reviews that identify how programs are meeting needs
    b. Receive follow-up report regarding implementation of recommended changes

6. Expect and foster collaboration with local school districts to increase access to and image of SWC
    a. Participate in a joint board meeting with the Sweetwater District
    b. Uphold the trustees’ “ambassador” role

Four categories named with Students First in center
Campus Climate
(Strategic Priorities: Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources)

7. Foster a climate of respect, trust, and openness by modeling civility, respect and collaboration.
    a. Provide feedback to each other to support positive communication
    b. Uphold established protocols for Board and CEO communication

8. Expect and support administrative and constituency efforts that promote innovation and a commitment to “students first.”
    a. Continue listening tours, with a focus on innovation and interaction
    b. Periodic discussions with Superintendent/President on progress

  Fiduciary Accountability
(Strategic Priorities: Physical and Financial Resources, Human Resources)

9. Continue to ensure current and future fiscal stability and allocation resources to support District plans and goals.
    a. Review and amend as appropriate Board policy, parameters and principles for budget development and resource allocation, including long-range viability

10. Expect and explore external funding opportunities and programs.
    a. Review a report on advancement efforts at the College, including the Foundation, grant efforts and other external funding
Approved (9/22/15)
Last updated: 6/21/2016 2:44:54 PM