Southwestern College

Online orientation is an important step for new students in getting started at Southwestern College.  After applying for admission online through CCCApply, new students receive their Student ID number by email along with the steps to follow to be eligible for priority registration.

New Student Orientation - Part 1 includes information on financial aid, submitting transcripts from other colleges attended, services for students with disabilities, and preparing for Assessment (placement in appropriate English, math and reading courses).

New Student Orientation – Part 2, which students complete after receiving their Assessment results, contains detailed information about counseling services, interpreting Assessment results, prerequisites, course sequences, student fees, enrollment priority, probation and disqualification, student activities, how to register, selecting an academic goal and major, and general education requirements.  It concludes with the completion of the student’s First Semester Education Plan.

New students access online orientation through WebAdvisor, using their username and password to log in.  Their participation and completion of online orientation is automatically recorded as an important part of their academic record.

Click here to access WebAdvisor.

Once logged into WebAdvisor, click on Student.  Then look under Online Orientation.

Last updated: 8/22/2016 12:21:04 PM