Southwestern College

The Point Loma Garden Club is a group of fun-loving people who like to garden and create floral arrangements. We welcome all horticulturalists-at-heart to come to our meetings and to get to know us. Most of our members live in and around Point Loma, but please feel free to join us from farther away.

The Point Loma Garden Club meets to discuss topics of interest to hobbyist and professional gardeners. Activities include speakers, plant sales and sharing, craft-making, field trips, and social gatherings.

The Point Loma Garden Club is proud to provide scholarships to local community college students interested in gardening, community gardens, and helping the needy.

Past Scholarship Winners:

Jose Ivan Ramos Aguilar

Jose Ivan Ramos Aguilar

Patricia Munoz

Yitsel Hernandez

Andrea Aviles

Debra Inman

Carey Worthy

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