Notice: These opportunities and organizations are not affiliated with Southwestern College.  SWC is neither endorsing nor receiving support from any of these entities.  They are provided as a public service only.

John F Kennedy Young Democrat Award

               Award Amount:               $500
               Application Deadline:     February 29, 2016
               Sponsor:                          Coronado Democratic Club

Eligibility: Complete the application, available by clicking here.

Requirements: Write a short essay on each of the following questions:  “How are you currently involved in the political process?" and "Why do you consider yourself a Democrat?".

MassMutual Scholars Program         

               Award Amount:               up to  $5,000
               Application Deadline:     March 31, 2016
               Sponsor:                          MassMutual
               Scholarship Website:   

MassMutual is focused on expanding access and opportunity of higher education and employment to students who reflect the rich cultural diversity of our nation, They seek to increase the number of students completing college nationally, assist in decreasing student debt, raise awareness of careers in financial services and recruit and train the top talent touched by their programs.

Eligibility: Any student that is interested in pursuing a career in the insurance of financial services industry.

Requirements: Students applying must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, be entering their sophomore, junior, senior or fifth year of undergraduate work and planning to attend full time.

Dimensions Scholarship        

               Award Amount:               $1,000
               Application Deadline:     April 15, 2016
               Sponsor:                          Dimensions Women's Organization
               Scholarship Website:   

Dimensions annually awards several $1,000 scholarships to women who are enrolled in local community colleges having returned after an interruption in education due to work, raising children or other personal reasons. Candidates must be planning to continue education at a four-year college or attend professional training. They are proud to have awarded over 70 scholarships in our 30 year history.

Eligibility: Applicants must be returning from an interruption in their education due to work, raising children or other personal reasons and planning to continue their education at a four-year institution or professional school.

Requirements: Students applying must be attending a community college in San Diego and have completed at least 12 credits with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Applications must complete the scholarship application available on the website.

Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship

               Award Amount:               $5000        
               Application Deadline:     April 30, 2016
               Sponsor:                          Grasshopper, Inc.
               Scholarship Website:

Founded by two entrepreneurs, Grasshopper has been making it easier to start and grow a small business since 2003. Back then, we started as just two guys with a dream and to date have served over 150,000 entrepreneurs (and we're still growing).

Today our commitment to helping entrepreneurs is stronger than ever, and to that end we are proud to introduce the Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship, designed to help young entrepreneurs afford the rising cost of education and help them along the road to entrepreneurship.

Grasshopper will award one (1) $5,000 scholarship for the best submitted entry determined by our judges. The scholarship will be awarded in check form, made payable directly to the university that the winner is, or will be, attending for a school term in 2016.

Eligibility: Any current college student or incoming freshman enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in a Spring, Summer, or Fall 2016 semester. Student must be enrolled at an accredited American college, university or trade school.

Requirements: Submit a 500-700 word essay on the following topic:  "What does market disruption mean to you as an entrepreneur? What would you do to create market disruption for your business?

CourseMinded Online Course Scholarship        

               Award Amount:               $1000
               Application Deadline:     June 16, 2016
               Scholarship Website:

The CourseMinded Online Course Scholarship is a highly competitive award for those interested in online teaching & online learning.

Eligibility: Any student that is interested in teaching online, or taking online classes who is passionate about online learning.

Requirements: Students applying must list the online courses they've taught, have taken, or intend on taking, as well as why you're interested in online learning and what you think the future of online courses will look like. The website can be about any topic the student is passionate about.

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