Southwestern College

The review of student services is intended to improve the overall quality of services offered to Southwestern College students. Its purpose is to assist the staff in conducting a self-study of their units to assure that the programs and services are responsive to the needs of students and its diverse community as stated in the college's mission statement. Information will be collected and analyzed to determine how effectively Unit goals and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are being attained as they relate to:

  • Meeting student needs
  • Assessing the Unit's efficiency and effectiveness
  • Assessing the Unit's compatibility with institutional goals
  • Facilitating Unit planning and decision making
  • Assisting program improvement/program development
  • Promoting a more comprehensive understanding of student services in the college community

Program Review Documents and Important Links

2016-2017 Student Affairs Program Review Designator List and Due Dates

Click here for the Student Affairs Program Review Designator List and due dates. This document provides the division, dean, designator (acronym) for your program. 

SLO Assessment Timelines and Plans of Improvement

Every program review must be accompanied with an Outcomes Assessment Timeline every year that indicates your plan for assessing your SLOs or AUOs. These timelines are available on the Student Learning Outcome Department in SharePoint. 

Click here for a blank Outcomes Assessment Timeline 

A discipline's most recently submitted timeline can be accessed via SharePoint under "Departments" then "Student Learning Outcomes. Click here for instructions for downloading your Outcomes Assessment Timeline from SharePoint.

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