Southwestern College

Grades are assigned in each course and recorded on a student's permanent record. These grades affect the student's future; therefore, it is important that careful consideration be given to the grades assigned by the instructors (Policy No. 5023).

Grade Interpretation Grade Points
A Excellent/Superior Performance 4
B Good 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Passing – less than satisfactory 1
F Failure to Meet Performance Requirement 0
P (CR) Pass/Credit (at least satisfactory; units are awarded but not computed in GPA)
NP (NC) No Pass/No Credit (less than satisfactory or failing; no units are awarded or computed in GPA)
I Incomplete
IP In Progress
W Withdrawal
MW Military Withdrawal
RD Report Delay

For questions or assistance, please contact:
Serene Vannoy
Admission & Records Technician
(619) 482-6531

Nicholas Montez
Director, Admission & Records
(619) 482-6306

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