FY1 Foster Youth Success Initiative - Financial Aid Office

Southwestern College has a number of services available to help current and/or former youth from foster care to succeed at Southwestern College.

Examples of students who may be eligible for support services include:

  • Those who have a Social Worker or Case Worker
  • Those who live with a relative or someone else (not a parent)
  • Don’t live at home, couch surf
  • Live in their car
  • Live in a foster (or group) home

Priority Registration for Foster Youth Students

  • Students classified as foster youth are granted priority registration. If you have questions about your priority registration status, please check with the Admissions & Records Office, FYSI Liaison or Foster Youth Counselor..

Financial Aid Foster Youth Liaison

Pat Miranda
          Financial Aid Office
Phone: (619) 482-6389        Email:    pmiranda@swccd.edu


FFY College Counselor 

 Kimi McSwain
School of Counseling and Personal Development
Phone: (619) 421-6700, x5240       Email : kmcswain@swccd.edu

The FYSI Liaison and Counselor can assist you with academic and financial aid information and can refer you to other Southwestern College and community services available for foster youth.

Did You Know…?


 FY medical


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides that former foster youth can receive
free Medi-Cal coverage until the age of 26.

Young adults qualify for the Medi-Cal program for former foster youth if they:

  1. Were in foster care in any state at age 18 or older;
  2. Are currently a resident of California; and
  3. Are under the age of 26

Medi-Cal coverage includes the following free services:

  • Medical care: including preventive and emergency services
  • Mental health services and counseling
  • Vision exams
  • Dental care
  • Substance abuse treatment

Foster Youth are NOT required to provide any foster care documentation or income information to receive these benefits. Click on the image above for more information or contact the Foster Youth Liaison.




Chafee Grant: (Free money for foster youth for college or career training)

If you are or were in foster care and have financial need, you may be qualified for up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college. Please visit this site for more information on Chafee Grant. https://www.chafee.csac.ca. Applicants will be notified by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) if awarded a Chafee Grant.


Health Services and Personal Wellness


Also, most services at Southwestern College's Health Services & Personal Wellness have no fees! They are paid for by your student health services fee each semester. Check out their webpage for available services and office hours.


Apply for Financial Aid

Foster Youth Resource Guide (PDF).

Foster Youth Enrollment Instructions (PDF).

Chafee Grant -
California Community College Chancellor's Office - Foster Youth Success Initiatives:

Independent Living Program:

John Burton Foundation


Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) Mission

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) has recognized that there is a significant deficit regarding youth from foster care attending higher education. Acknowledging this need, they are sponsoring a concerted effort called the Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) to bring issues affecting these youth to the forefront and to improve the ability of these youth to access postsecondary education and benefit from the support services that are available but are often unknown to them.

Through the vision of the CCCCO, to create a statewide outreach and retention effort to better serve current and former youth from care, the FYSI was established. FYSI was built through CCCCO leadership and a strong foundation of individuals representing a myriad of agencies and postsecondary educational institutions that have formed a true collaborative effort that has evolved to become a statewide FYSI taskforce. The goals of this initiative are to improve:

  • Access to student services and resources
  • Access to academic support
  • Retention
  • Academic performance
  • Completion of units
  • Completion of programs and degree
  • Transfer rates to baccalaureate


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