This page will reference the default style guidelines ALL (with a few exceptions) pages on the Southwestern College website should follow. If you have questions about the website functionality or how to makes some of these changes, please reference the Vision Internet User Guide. 

Bolded sub-headlines, image alignment, and paragraph spacing

Page sub headlines should be displayed using the "bold" function like above. Please do not use larger text sizes to display your message. Under very rare circumstances will larger text be allowed. Use the bold function in the toolbar at the top of the content editing area.

Images in your pages should be left-aligned, or span the entire width of the page. Use the alignment function in the toolbar at the top of the content editing area.

Be sure your paragraph spacing has one full line in-between each paragraph. Take a look at the paragraphs above as reference. The CMS will automatically use this spacing when you press the "return or "enter" button on your keyboard. 

This image is a visual representation of the the points from above.

Website Style Guidelines Example 1

Important Messages

Text needing to stand out or to alert the reader of very important information can be used in conjunction with the font color tool. It is recommended that the text be highlighted with the red color (#ff0000) or the yellow color (#ffff00).

Usage of Calendar

Instead of creating additional pages for events, Consider using the calendar function.

Image and document descriptions

Even though the "Image Name" and "Image Description"  are required when uploading an image, it is very important to place relevant and informative text in these fields (see image below). Not only does this help with things like search engine indexing, but it puts the website in compliance with Section 508 standards that is required by the District. 

Web Style Guides Image Name Description

Maximum Image Width

If you have multiple photos for a single page please keep in mind the maximum width for images in the standard page layout is 658 pixels. If you uploaded an image that was larger than 658 pixels, you can modify the image to fit. Once the image is placed on the page you are editing, right click the image and select "Properties." From there you will be able to edit the size of the image among other things. 

Last updated: 8/26/2015 8:52:36 AM