What is an Associate Degree for Transfer?
Also called a "degree with a guarantee” because it guarantees acceptance to a CSU university.
Requires a minimum of 60 transferable units in a specified Course of Study for transfer to CSU.

• Complete an ADT Course of Study (Major) with C or better.
• General Education courses from CSU General Education Breadth passed with a C or better
• Minimum 2.0 GPA for eligibility. Competitive GPA required for popular universities such as SDSU
• Minimum of 60 transferable units

Check out the Associate Degree for Transfer website for details on this popular program.

Transfering to a University?
Go to the Transfer Center for the steps to success of preparing for transfer to a public or private university in California or another state. Also, attend a CSU Associate Degree for Transfer workshop.

Last updated: 3/4/2015 1:17:51 PM