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Weekend College LogoSouthwestern College students seeking an Associate Degree can complete their General Education requirements on the weekends in just two semesters. All of the courses in the Weekend College program are transferable to both the California State University and the University of California systems.

Weekend College is aimed at improving student access, and it offers another option for working people who are not available to take classes on a Monday-through-Friday schedule.

Further, it offers another option for high school students to take college courses without interrupting their high school schedule.

Southwestern College is the only public institution of higher education in San Diego’s South County. More than 500,000 students have attended Southwestern since it opened its doors a half century ago. Associate of Arts degrees are offered in some 50 different majors, and Associate of Science degrees are offered in more than 80 different majors. 

Contact Annette Aguilar for more information – 619.421.6700 x5673

Complete the General Education Requirements for an Associate Degree on the weekend in two semesters*

Spring 2017

Friday Evening:

GE Requirement A2
(Also CSU A3 and IGETC 1B)
GE Requirement A1

(also CSU A2 and IGETC 1A)

GE Requirement B
(also CSU B1 and IGETC 5A)
Engl 116-64 Engl 115-64

Geography 100-65

Critical Thinking  Argument

College Composition 

Introduction to Geography Physical Elements

4 units  4 units 3 units
Reg Code: 08712

Reg Code: 08669

Reg Code: 10816
5–9:50 p.m., Fri 5–9:20 p.m., Fri 5–8:10 p.m., Fri
Room: 416 Room: 417 Room: 391


Saturday Morning:

GE Requirement C
(also CSU C1 and IGETC 3A)
GE Requirement A1
(also CSU A2 and IGETC 1A)
Art 104-50 Engl 115- 50
Introduction to Art College Composition
3 units 4 units
Reg Code: 07758 Reg Code: 08659

9:00 a.m.–12:25 p.m., Sat

8 a.m.- 12:50 p.m., Sat
Room: 751 Room: 416


Saturday Afternoon:

GE Requirement D9
(also CSU D9 and IGETC 4I)
GE Requirement A3
(also CSU A1 and IGETC 1C)
Psych 101-50 Comm 104-50
General Psychology Public Speaking
3 units 3 units
Reg Code: 10011 Reg Code: 08355
1–4:25 p.m., Sat 1–4:25 p.m., Sat
Room: 475 Room: 435

*excludes Math 60: Intermediate Algebra, if needed

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