The Veterans' Services Office provides assistance to veterans and their dependents who may be eligible for federal or state educational benefits gained through military service.

Veteran News

  • Check out our Opportunities page - constantly updated with new programs and benefits for you.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you register for classes you must declare them with us so that we can flag your record. Otherwise, in five days your classes will be dropped due to non-payment and you cannot get them back if any of them are full.

  • 2016 Fall Priority Registration: VSO has identified and flagged over 700 veterans and active duty members who are eligible for priority registration.  Flagging is not enough to guarantee priority: each student must complete all the priority registration criteria listed in their WebAdvisor account to be granted priority registration appointments.  If a veteran student has been flagged but has not completed the requirements, that student will be given a registration date in the regular registration pool. The deadline for flagging was 23 June.

  • 2016 Fall Declaration Form is now available.: We are now using a common form every term. Click on the "Term Declaration" item in the menu to the left to declare your desire to use veteran benefits in Fall. If you still need to declare your intent to use benefits for the current Summer term, use the same form but ensure you use the pull-down on the last page to choose "16/SU (Summer 2016)" as your desired term.

Summer 2016 Processing

As of 23 June 2016 (we will update weekly - this is a moving window of data)

Processing Type* Submission Date Records
Processed Percent
Express Lane Current 211 of 211 100%
Manual Processing Current 124 of 126 98%

Completed in initial processing (everyone has been adjudicated at least once) within 18 days of term start. 

 SEPs SPEED PROCESSING! If yours is over a year old, get an update and give us a copy.  If you don't have a SEP, get one!

Modifications are being done to records as they are processed and currently processed records are being reviewed digitally on a daily basis to identify any changes in course load to minimize over-payments. 

*If you don't know the difference between these, check out the processing article.

Last updated: 6/24/2016 5:06:04 PM