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Welcome to the MSE Student Resource Page. This page is currently under construction; however, we will be adding more information as it becomes available.

Please check back later for information on:

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MSE Mentorship Program

The MSE Mentorship Program is based on a relaxed and informal relationship between interested faculty and students that can benefit from academic guidance from professionals in their field. With this in mind, students will be paired with a faculty member that has similar interests to help guide them in the initial stages of their STEM careers. Students will be able to consult with their faculty mentor on subjects such as (but not limited to):

  1. providing insight into choosing classes
  2. gauging student progress
  3. recommending courses of action
  4. giving broader insights into academic careers and professional schools

Please stop by the MSE Office (Room 215) for an application. 

50 paid internships for students at Hispanic-serving CSU and CCCs

This grant provides $4,500 for undergraduate students to work 20 hours per week for a total internship of 360 hours at $12.50/hour.

Per link below, "It is the sole responsibility of each participating CSU/CCC campus, with support provided by WRPI staff, to recruit underrepresented students, particularly Hispanic students, and submit eligible applications....


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