Southwestern College

Dear Southwestern College Students, Faculty and Staff,

On November 4th at 10:30 a.m., we will be conducting a college-wide drill that simulates an active shooter on campus. NOTE: THIS IS JUST A DRILL.

You may hear messages broadcast from the emergency blue poles and emergency phones from in the classroom. You should also receive text messages and emails during the drill. You may see Campus Police officers conducting their own active shooter scenario exercises.

We have provided a PowerPoint that provides safety information and a flier with discussion questions to allow you and your peers to discuss shelter-in-place procedures. We request your active participation in this drill to help us test our emergency protocols.

 Thank you,

 SWC "We know safety"

SiP ppt   Discussion Flier  SiP Poster

       Shelter-in-Place PowerPoint Notes                 Drill Discussion Flier         Shelter-in-Place Drill Poster

Following the Shelter-in-Place drill, please fill out the short survey on your experience.  Any feedback and responses will benefit Southwestern as a whole on future drills and possible emergency situations. Please click on the link below in order to participate.

Student Survey

Staff Survey

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