Southwestern College

Academic Program Review Committee

Purpose: The review of academic programs is intended to improve the overall quality of existing instructional programs offered at Southwestern College.

Academic Technology Committee

Purpose: The Academic Technology Committee (ATC) is a forum for faculty voices regarding academic technology and online learning. The ATC responds to faculty needs and ongoing technology issues, works to find solutions to those issues, and participates in the prioritization process of technology needs identified through the Program review process.

Council of Chairs

Purpose: The purpose of the Council of Chairs is to provide a setting where department chairs learn firsthand about current policies and/or procedures that impact their department faculty or operations, voice their own or their faculty’s concerns about issues that are common to department faculty or operations, and work as a team to develop reliable practices as they apply to department faculty or operations

Curriculum Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to approve new and revised curriculum and academic policies to ensure compliance with Title 5 and California Education Code prior to submission to the District Governing Board for final approval. In addition, the Southwestern College Curriculum Committee provides guidance and oversight to ensure that all curriculum is sound, comprehensive and responsive to the evolving needs of our students as well as the academic, business, and local communities.

Elections Committee

Purpose: The Senate Elections Committee is responsible for conducting, supervising, coordinating, and publishing the results of Senator and Senate Executive Officer elections within one week of the close of balloting.

Executive Committee

Purpose: The Executive Committee of the Senate acts as an advisory body to the Senate President.

Flex Advisory Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Flex Advisory Committee is to make recommendations on staff, student, and instructional improvement activities, following the requirements outlined in Title 5 (sections 55700 through 55732). These recommendations are based on a comprehensive planning process that includes Needs Assessment and Evaluation.

Honors Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Honors Committee is to serve students by creating exceptional academic experiences through the management of the Honors Program.

Professional Relations Committee

Purpose: To promote understanding of and adherence to a code of ethics and civility between faculty members.

Tenure Review Committees

Purpose: To follow guidelines that have been developed by the Academic Senate, SCEA, and the District in accordance with Education Code provisions and Title 5 regulations as well as the negotiated agreement between the District and S.C.E.A. to implement tenure review.

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