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Degree Description: 
Designed to provide skills and training to students in landscape architecture. The field requires two distinct areas of knowledge, one based on a solid background in the horticultural sciences and the other based on design theory backed by an ability to express designs graphically in a professional manner. The program will train students for entry-level employment in local landscape architecture firms, allow students to start their own landscape design/construction businesses, or allow transfer to a four-year institution with the eventual goal of becoming a licensed landscape architect.

Degree Course Requirements: 
Course # Course Title Units

First Semester

 LA 104 Landscape Graphics and Planting Design    3
 LNT 102  Plant Identification: Deciduous Trees  1
 LNT 103 Plant Identification: Conifers and Palms  1
 LNT 104 Plant Identification: Broadleaf Trees  1
 LNT 125 Landscape Construction: Concrete and Masonry Skills  1
 LNT 126 Landscape Construction: Fence, Deck, and Lumber Skills  1
 LNT 127 Landscape Construction: Sprinkler Installation  1

Second Semester

 ARCH 115 Architectural Graphics 3
 LNT 106 Plant Identification: Flowering Shrubs 1
  Plant Identification: Foliage Shrubs I 1
  Plant Identification: Foliage Shrubs II 1
LNT 119 Plant Identification: Xeriphytic Plants 3
LNT 128 Sprinkler Design 3

Third Semester

LNT 100 Plant and Horticultural Science 4
LNT 120 Landscape Design I 4
LNT 131 Landscape Contracting and Estimating 3

Fourth Semester

LA 200 Introduction to Computer-Aided Landscape Design 3
LNT 122 Landscape Design II 4
LNT 134 Soils 3
Plus required General Education courses.  See your counselor to help you plan your degree program. 
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