Sharpen your garden knowledge by attending our series of Garden Walks and Talks.  Presented by our panel of garden docents and experts, you will be sure to learn some new garden techniques or find out about some plants you'll want to add to your garden.  Pick from our list of timely and fun garden presentations that will make your green thumb the envy of your neighbors.  

Each Garden Walk and Talk is held on Saturday, from 2:00 to 3:00-3:30 pm.  Park in lot E at no charge from 1 pm to 4 pm.  

No reservations for the Walks and Talks are required.  Simply meet at the garden entrance gate near the yellow classroom building (1800 building).  The talk is free with a recommended donation to the garden of $3.00 per person.

Here is the 2016 Schedule of Walks and Talks:

 Date  Title Synopsis
January 9th

Tips on Pruning Fruit Trees OK, now is the time to prune those fruit trees in your garden.  Proper pruning results in a better tree structure, larger fruits, and helps the tree avoid serious insect and disease problems.  Pick up some great pruning tips and get your trees off on a good head start for this year's fruit production.
March 12th Subsurface Irrigation Local water restrictions are making it more and more difficult to water our plants properly and within the day and time restrictions set down by our local water districts.  Subsurface irrigation applies water below the soil line, avoiding or lessening water runoff and water evaporation.  See the proper methods of installing this type of irrigation system.
May 7th Mother's Day Fun with the Kids Bring out the kids and let them create a garden gift for Mom. Great fun for kids between the age of 5 to 10 years old and they must be accompanied by a parent.
July 9th Succulent Propagation and Art Learn how to propagate succulents by leaf cuttings and create beautiful arrangements of these leaves for display.  For this walk and talk, a $3 fee is required to help cover costs of supplies.
 September 10th  Plumerias Learn how to propagate and grow those fantastic tropical and flowering plants known as Plumerias.  Find out about the different varieties and the best locations in which to plant them.
 November 19th Floral Turkeys How would like to create a Thanksgiving floral centerpiece in the shape of a turkey?  It is fun and you learn basic floral design techniques.  Fee for flowers is $25, first 10 people to sign up and pay are enrolled.  Enrollment begins November 1st.  10 attendees only.

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