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General Description of Physical Science

The physical science program is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the physical sciences including chemistry, physics, Earth science and astronomy. It provides an opportunity to develop critical thinking suited to pursuing any science, as well as giving a larger perspective than can be obtained by study of a single science

Transfer Preparation for Physical Science

All physical science majors should take the following courses prior to transfer:
• ASTR 100
• CHEM 200, 210
• GEOL 100
• MATH 130, 250, 251, 252
• PHYS 270, 271, 272, 274
• PHS 101, 110

Additional Recommendations
Physical science majors are also recommended to take the following courses:
• GEOL 104, GEOG 100, GEOG 150, PHS 154 (same as GEOG 154) 

Career Options for Physical Science
The usual career goal of the physical science major is to become a high school science teacher.

Physical Science Faculty
• Jeffrey Veal, Ph.D.
• Ken Yanow, M.S., M.A. 

Physical Science Courses
  • PHS 101 Introduction to the Physical Sciences
  • PHS 110 Introduction to Oceanography
  • PHS 111 Oceanography Laboratory
  • PHS 250 Our Global Future: Values for Survival
  • PHS 295 Selected Topics in Physical Science
  • PHS 299 Independent Study
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