Southwestern College

Biology Faculty and Staff (see extended entries in the faculty and staff directory)

Lukas BuehlerDr. Lukas Buehler
Office: Room 460 D
Phone: 619-421-6700 x 5934 (to leave voice mail)
Faculty Mailboxes: Room 345 (to drop off a message)

Charlie Hoyt
Title: Professor
Phone: x 5528
Office: 311A

Valerie PenningtonValerie Pennington
Professor of Biology
office: 312A
Phone: (619) 421-6700 x5516
YouTube Channel: 

Michael Riddle
Professor, Biological Sciences
Phone: x 5518
Office: 320H

Courses Taught: Biology 100, Biology 101


John Tolli

Dr. John Tolli was born in Tallahassee, Florida and migrated to San Diego in 1989. He became a student at Southwestern College in 1991, and transferred to SDSU in 1994, majoring in Biology. He graduated there in 1997 with a B.S. in Biology, with an emphasis in marine biology.
He entered the Joint Program in Biological Oceanography at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that same year. He successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the biogeochemistry of carbon monoxide consuming bacteria at Woods Hole in 2003.
After one year of teaching Biological Oceanography at Northeastern University, he began his post-doctoral research at the Darling Marine Center (University of Maine), continuing his research on the biogeochemistry of CO. In 2005, he became a professor of biology at Southwestern College.
He currently teaches several “flavors” of biology, from General Biology, to Human Anatomy & Physiology, to Microbiology. In addition, Dr. Tolli is responsible for the independent research cadaver dissection program, which is conducted during the summer.

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