Department Chair Gary Creason, A.S.

Administration of justice

Administration of justice and Criminal Justice are the study of theories, concepts, statutes, laws, procedures, and methodologies governing the criminal justice system. These programs explore the historical development of criminal law, the interrelationship between criminal law and the criminal justice system, and its contemporary application in juvenile and adult crime.

Career Options

Many career options require an associate degree, some require a bachelor’s degree, and a few of these require a graduate-level degree: adjudicator/judge, arson investigator, bar examiner, border patrol officer/INS agent, correctional officer, crime laboratory/evidence technologist, customs agent, district attorney, lawyer/prosecutor/public defender, forensic scientist, FBI/Treasury/Secret Service agent, U.S. Marshal, fraud/forgery investigator, parole/probation officer, police officer, sheriff, postal inspector, and traffic officer.

Point Loma Nazarene University Partnership

Southwestern College is partnering with Point Loma Nazarene University to launch an extensive, on-site baccalaureate program with the university that offers students four bachelor degrees at the community college campus. Under the partnership, Southwestern College students who are accepted into Point Loma Nazarene University partnership programs can earn bachelor degrees in Nursing, Criminal Justice, Management & Relational Development, and Child & Adolescent Development without having to leave the Chula Vista district. Click here for more information.

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