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Do you need a plant that can quickly cover that large slope at your home?  Or, haGround Cover Collectionve you removed your water-grabbing lawn and want to replace it with a plant that will cover the area with less care?  Or, how about a dainty spreading plant that will fill in between some stepping stones?  If this is the case, the visit our collection of 23 different ground covers at the South Bay Botanic Garden.

Ground covers provide both beauty and functionality to the landscape.  They prevent erosion, need less care than lawns, and help to modify the temperatures in your home environment.  In addition, they can provide beauty in both foliage and blooms. 

Visit the ground cover plots and pick up a free guide in the nearby mailbox that provides their names, features, and growing needs.

Last updated: 3/11/2013 3:50:25 PM