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Careers in SustainabilitySustainability can encompass several concepts and goals and can depend greatly on the person interpreting it’s meaning. However, most people can agree that sustainability is:

  •  -  using means, methods, systems, and materials that won’t deplete natural resources or harm natural cycles, and is...
  •  -  an attitude in new developments that looks at a site’s natural land, water, and energy resources as being a part of the total site development, and it ...
  •  -  integrates natural systems with human patterns and protects existing ecosystems.

Sustainable jobs are here now and are currently being developed. They can include careers in wind power, solar power, fuel cells, heating and cooling, lighting, landscape design and installation, and more. In addition, persons trained in sustainable practices may be hired in compliance positions assuring that the companies and businesses that employ them stay current with the California Green Codes.

Watch this video for a great introduction to Sustainable Energy Studies at Southwestern College!
(same video, closed captioned)

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