Southwestern College

Sustainable Landscape Practices - Associate of Science Degree

"Protecting our Planet using Sustainable Horticultural Practices"

Degree Description:

The Associate of Science degree in Sustainable Landscape Practices trains students to become proficient in the many skills needed to evaluate residential and urban landscapes for sustainable practices in design, installation, and maintenance. Careers related to this degree include Sustainable Landscape Professional, Landscape Irrigation Auditor, and Sustainable Landscape Designer.

Degree Course Requirements:

 Course #  Course Title  Units
 LNT 94  Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance, and Repair  3
 LNT 100  Plant and Horticultural Science  4
 LNT 101  Sustainable Energy Studies  3
 LNT 105,109,113  Plant Identification (any 6 units)  6
 LNT 119  Plant Identification – Xeriphytic Plants  3
 LNT 120  Landscape Design 1  4
 LNT 128  Sprinkler Design  3
 LNT 129  Sustainable Landscape/Water Auditor  3
 LNT 134  Soils  3
 LNT 136  Plant Pest and Disease Control  3
 CE 290  Occupational Cooperative Education I  3
Plus required General Education courses.  See your counselor to help you plan your degree program.


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